Capture Critical Manufacturing Process Data with Auto-ID Technology
Remove Uncertainty. React Immediately.

Accurate and timely Critical MFG Process data when and where you need it. Improve speed and efficiency and become more profitable by making production times faster, managing material movement, improving inventory accuracy, and decreasing cycle-counting time.

Northern Apex is an empowerment company. We take you from where you currently are and we move you up the technology ladder based on your budget and objectives. Utilizing Barcode/Data Matrix, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or a hybrid approach we help companies improve speed and efficiency and become more profitable by making production times faster, managing material movement, improving inventory accuracy, decreasing cycle-counting time and much more. We help you choose the right technology and implement it at the right points in your process to create the best solution for you.

Business Intelligence is a technology-driven process that analyzes data and provides actionable information to help business leaders and production supervisors make more informed business decisions. Using Auto-ID technology allows manufacturers to gather data about their processes from critical points in the assembly line. We can help you track your materials/components/products throughout the entire production process. From raw materials to finished goods, our Auto-ID solutions will provide instant insight and business intelligence into your production floor.

With almost two decades of experience deploying Auto-ID solutions in the manufacturing environment, Northern Apex will analyze your needs and develop the best solution for your company. We look at your project and we deploy the technology and solution that provides the best return on investment. We realize the bottom line - the solution has to be cost effective!

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Work-In-Process (WIP)

  • Get automatic real-time product location and assembly line status updates
  • Track components through each process and verify each step is completed correctly and efficiently
  • Misplaced items can be identified, located and corrected in real-time reducing the impact of human error

Material Management

  • Know the exact count of the supplies and their location — decrease downtime, shrinkage, and meet Kanban/Just-in-Time requirements
  • Real-time tracking of materials gives you the ability to accurately forecast demands for raw materials and equipment
  • Ensure the right materials are in the right place at the right time
RFID and Barcode Tags

Cycle Count Inventory

  • Conduct highly accurate and rapid inventory
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Up-to-date inventory information is fed directly into your inventory management system
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) monitoring


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